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We are so excited that you are helping teens reach their God-given potential! We want to affirm you in your ministry to them. Encounter is a dynamic event designed to engage your youth in worship through music and the Word and to challenge them to explore the call God has placed on their life. Teens will also participate in campus events, tour the college, and meet new friends.

Remember that your teens will only be entered into the draw for something awesome if their registrations arrive no later than 5pm AST, Friday, September 19th, 2017.  Until September 19th, registration is $60 (including HST). After this date, the full registration charge of $70 (including HST) per person will be charged.


There are 3 options for housing Encounter weekend:

1. The first option is to stay on campus in the residence halls with current students. This experience will give your teens a glimpse into residence life here at Kingswood University.

2. The second option is to stay at a local hotel. We have rooms reserved at the Fairway Inn and Amsterdam Inn at a special Kingswood University rate.  These rooms must be booked directly with the hotel.  When you call, please indicate that you are part of the Kingswood Encounter event.

Amsterdam Inn:
$110/room for 1-4 people
Breakfast is included

Fairway Inn:
$94/room for 1-4 people
Breakfast is not included

Please note if you wish to stay extra nights you are responsible for booking them with that particular hotel.

3. The third option is to make your own arrangements. You may have friends close by that would allow you and your teens to crash at their house.

Please remember that your youth must be supervised wherever you choose to stay.  Housing for additional nights on campus is possible but must be arranged with the Kingswood University Enrolment Department by September 19th, 2017. There will be a fee of $10 (including HST) per person per additional night.


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Kingswood University is a Wesleyan University located in Sussex, New Brunswick, Canada. It is the only Wesleyan higher education institution in Canada. To introduce youth to the school, Kingswood University annually hosts Encounter weekend (formerly called Booster weekend). This event is designed to engage youth in worship through music and the Word and to challenge them to explore the call God has placed on their life.

Encounter begins on Friday night and ends Saturday night. The weekend is comprised of three services which always include music and the Word but may also involve dramas and testimonies. There are also a variety of activities from sporting events to program exhibitions. Because Encounter is meant to introduce students to Kingswood University and the atmosphere on campus those attending are welcome to stay in the residence halls and eat in the dining hall.
Our goal for the Encounter weekend is that students:

  • Encounter each other
  • Encounter Kingswood
  • and most importantly Encounter the Lord

*Remember that registration forms for Encounter are due by September 19th, 2017.

Sunday Stay Over

We realize and appreciate that some of you come from long distances to attend Encounter.  Because this event does not end until Saturday night those of you who have significant distances to travel may feel the need to stay over until Sunday. If you are staying on campus we would love to accommodate you for a fee of $10 (including HST) a night per person. This covers the cost of your room for Saturday night and Sunday morning breakfast at the University. Please let the Enrolment staff know of your plans to extend your stay on campus by September 19th, 2017. If you are staying off campus you will be required to confirm your housing with the hotel where you have your reservation.